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We are a professional group.  We have designed programs that fit your skills, particular needs and interests.

  • The results depend on the number of lessons that the student takes and the interest you put in learning. We strongly recommend three hours per week for beginners. When the student  has the ability to hold conversations we encourage them to take
our Immersion Language Program or Immersion Tourism Program. We have designed a trip to complete the learning process that you had in the On Line Spanish School.  Immersion Tourism will coordinate the entire itinerary for your visit.

Our On line Spanish School allows you to learn directly from your comforts of your own home, at your time on your own time  without stressing out over commuting and schedules. Our School gives you the opportunity to take advantage of your free time and learn at times that are convenient for you. This program is very flexible, you will get plenty of your individual attention and  you will have your own teacher.

We will tailor you a very dynamic language learning program just for you, based specifically on your proficiency level and language learning needs. “We offer all levels of fluency training, from beginners learning the basis of the language for the first time, to Spanish conversationalist designed for the more experienced learner.  Additionally, we focus strongly on pronunciation, which helps our learners greatly in terms of accent reduction.

The quality of our professionals, and their experience in teaching Spanish, makes the process easy and effective. Please visit our Immersion Language School or Immersion Tourism Program.

If you have already enrolled in our online program, please note, that we have designed a trip to complete the learning process that you began in the On Line School.

Immersion Tourism will coordinate the entire itinerary for your visit.  CONTACT US TODAY!

How does an ONLINE SCHOOL work?
We have designed a program of eight levels. The regular class works the same way as a traditional class. The teacher talks to the student one to one, the teacher explains grammar and creates exercises for the student to practice. They converse different topics and have fun.  They communicate in the real time. This works as the same way as the traditional private lessons. 

Our Online School provides one to one, semi-private and group sessions to help you get better or simply help you to get started.

What do I need to get started?

You need to have a skype account or zoom and add us in your list. Our name is ImmersionEcuador.
We want you to have a good set of headphones(strongly recommended to improve the sound quality)
A webcam can not be mandatory. Finally you will receive our material before we start the course. There are eight books that work as our guide.

Additional courses

1. One to one tutoring sessions.
This course will focus on the student's needs. Whether your goal is business, personal, academic, travel, family, etc.

2. Online Business Spanish

In this course we will teach you 
• How to prepare: Letters, projects, certificates, invoices,  contracts, etc.
• How to conduct an interview.

3. Online Spanish Conversation.
This part of the course focuses strictly on conversation.  Dialogues consist of any topic that you would like to talk about.  The teachers will have conversations with you to help you practice your learned vocabulary and pronunciation.  This works best when the student has achieved a level of consistency and confidence with regard to speaking the language.  When that sense of confidence is founded, the student’s conversational skills really begin to lift! This course really assists in perfecting the art of speaking.  Our program just happens to be the most user friendly program available, and our students really come to appreciate the beauty of the Spanish language.  The student will practice nearly every day to really sharpen his/her language skills.   

4. Online Spanish Vocabulary and Pronunciation. 
This course focuses primarily on basic information that you will need to begin your program.  This includes basic Spanish vocabulary terms, which are integrated into the program, to offer a better understanding of base vocab words and their meaning.  This part of the program acts as a “building block” for the later courses.

5. Spanish for children

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