Friday, April 27, 2012

Immersion Spanish School

     Immersion Spanish School has a complete program of 9 different levels, along with an immersion travel program to South America.  We are not independent, freelance teachers, trying to make "a little money on the side".  I am a Spanish Tutor that sets you out on a planned course of study, we have created our own lesson material and teachers are natives that have specialized in teaching Spanish.  The quality of lessons you will receive is comparable to those experienced at the collegiate level by a Spanish tutor.  We will initially learn what needs and goals you have; then, we will tailor your lessons to achieve those objectives as quickly and, more importantly, as effectively as possible.   I am a Spanish Tutor who shows you that our system works

     Our Spanish Tutor s most frequently use Skype for the Spanish lessons.  Our schedule is very flexible for lesson days and times, and we will work around your availability.  If you are interested in, or need further clarification, please contact me with any and all questions about Spanish Tutor.  Thank you very much for your interest in learning Spanish and I hope we get the opportunity to be your Spanish tutor in the future to help accomplish your goals.

     You are entitled to a completely FREE trial class; this allows you to experience the environment in which you will be learning.  If you are not completely satisfied with your experience after this FREE trial lesson, you have not paid anything or signed up to pay in the future.  This is a no strings attached FREE lesson with a Spanish Tutor

 *********************************************************************************Immersion Spanish School works in conjunction with "CECIT" a rehabilitation center in Quito, Ecuador that helps underprivileged children with disabilities by directing  50% of all income from student lessons toward the operational costs of running a center where most patients cannot afford the cost a single therapy. *********************************************************************************

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to Our Immersion Spanish School

CECILIA MURTAZA Y ASOCIADOS CIA. LTDA. has created many projects, being one of those  the Immersion Spanish School,  through which is interested in expanding the Latin American culture and the Spanish language through social, cultural, tourism activities, etc.

Immersion Spanish School has different programs such as the Online Spanish School, Immersion Tourism, One to One lessons part of the Immersion Language Program in Ecuador, among others.

Our Immersion Spanish School is offering you our personalized program for learning the Spanish language. Our  program has 9 levels can help you to achieve your goal. In order to get these results we have our students start their journey being part of the Online Spanish School first; and then they get involved in the Immersion Program here in Ecuador, where we host them, we teach them intensive Spanish lessons,  we travel and they do some volunteering work at our Center CECIT.

Immersion Spanish School - ISS belongs to the project "LEARN FOR A CHILD." Each you do, we help directly to CECIT and contribute to a treatment of a child.
Online Spanish Lessons