Immersion Spanish Program

Immersion Spanish Program

Once the student has passed three levels, they can join to our program "Immersion Spanish", which is a superior yet friendly school located in the heart of Quito, Ecuador, the chief destination in South America for Spanish language instruction. Our highly-trained and experienced staff offers all levels of teaching, for business as well as personal use, individually and in small groups. Our approach to teaching Spanish goes beyond the classroom and includes optional activities for immersion in the language: Cooking lessons, movie going, walks around beautiful historic Quito, weekend excursions to the scenic wonders of Ecuador such as
Otavalo, Mindo, Puerto Lopez, Baños, Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World), and cultural tours of delightful nearby towns.  CONTACT US

Typical day for a student in the immersion program.

  1. We start the week by walking around the city. We do a tour in Quito Colonial and some other places around until our student gets used to the altitude.
  2. When the students get familiarized with the city and our work.
  3. We start the program with Spanish lessons for 4 hours from 8 to 12 and we have lunch.
  4. In the afternoon somedays we do some volunteer work or the student explores the city, museums, park and other cultural tours of delightful nearby towns. 
  5. Weekends we travel to some close towns such as: Indigenous markets, climb a mountain,  go biking, hiking. Other weekends we do some other activities in the coast or jungle.
  6. During the time the student is here, we make him to visit part of the highland, coast and jungle. Galapagos is an additional that the program does not cover. CONTACT US.

Ecuadorian Cooking - Spanish Immersion

When our student is at home we get him-her involved in the Ecuadorian cooking.  We will get the student involved in all the cooking process from buying, preparing and enjoying the meal. CONTACT US

Dancing Lessons

Latin culture is one of the most romantic languages. In our culture we can express romanticism through the music. Using the music we can conquer people either by singing in the well know Ecuadorian Serenatas or by dancing.
We organice classes with an associated school for merengue, cumbia and bachata. Our immersion home is located in an area where the student can practice in different discos. CONTACT US.
Online Spanish Lessons
Reservation  Classes de Español en el Programa de Immersion $8,00 x hour.

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